Homer Simpson Is Your Target Market When Marketing Online

Homer Simpson Wants To Give You Money

Finding the right target market for your business can be a little complicated if your trying to do it yourself.  But if your interested in marketing online then I want to introduce you to Homer Simpson.

homer with camera

You see ever since Fox released this iconic comic onto the world there have been several similarities between him and real people.  And when you look at these in detail you can actually help to form a better idea of who it is your marketing to.  Now obviously this isn’t an exact science, Homer is a cartoon after all. But after I explain it you will see how true it really is.

Why Homer Is Your Target Market

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1) Homer Doesn’t Have a Product to Sell.

Lets face it, if your looking to make money online your not going to have a product.  Its not Homer’s fault, he is new after all.  But he really doesn’t have the desire to put all the work into creating one.

2) Isn’t an Expert in Anything.

Homer couldn’t sell ice to a dehydrated man in the Sierra Desert.  Most people just don’t have the ability to sell.  Much less the desire to ever sell anything to anyone.  As a matter of fact, he hates sales pitches.  He will go to a car dealership and complain because the salesman is talking to him.  He hates pitches too.  And he loves to complain that things are too hyped up.

But he also doesn’t think he’s an expert either.  Homer could be working at a company for 20 years doing the same thing.  But still doesn’t realize that he can be considered an expert.  This keeps him from making a product.

3) Is Afraid to be on Camera.

Its kind of funny to say this.  But most people think that they don’t have the right look for video.  Or they have fear of being on camera.  Its natural, most people don’t see themselves as a video star.  There is an old saying, “a face for radio”.  And a our target market doesn’t know how to overcome this hangup.

The technical aspects of making a video keep him from taking action as well.  After all all the successful people have these professional videos.  He thinks he needs them too.

homer with camera

4) Doesn’t want to learn marketing copy about how to sell to himself.

Copy isn’t all the hard.  But Homer makes it out to be more complicated then it really has to be.  He wants all his copy written for him.  He wants emails written for him.  And if possible, sent for him as well.  Homer doesn’t want to do all the work.  He just wants the money that comes from doing it.

After all people are making money while they sleep.  So why can’t he right?

homer sleeping

5) Doesn’t have a website.

He doesn’t know how to set one up.  He doesn’t want to spend the money to get one up.  He knows nothing about design.  He knows nothing about writing content.  And he doesn’t have a desire to create any anyway.

6) Doesn’t have a list.

First he doesn’t want to spend the money on getting an autoresponder.  Then he doesn’t care what people say.  Money isn’t in the list.  Its in the traffic.

He thinks that as long as there is traffic to be had.  There obviously are sales to be had as well.

7) Wants all of his traffic to be free because buying traffic is bad to him.

Pay Per Click or Solo ads are the devil to him.  And more than likely he doesn’t know how to use them properly.  After all the search engines drive all the free traffic anyone could want.  So why would he pay for something that he can get for free?

Homer mad8) Homer thinks the only way to make online online is to make money teaching people how to make money online.

This one really isn’t Homer’s fault.  Because there are a lot of people who proclaim that they are making money online selling courses.  These courses have some great sales letters.  And guess who they are written for?  You guessed it, Homer.  And when he gets into this course one of the first things he is taught is that he should have is own product to sell.  Then our hero gets annoyed and quits.

So Why Is He Your Target Market?

Ok here is the trick.  Homer is the majority of your market.  He actually makes up the largest segment of it.  Especially if your trying to make money in this niche.  The trick is really find out how to overcome his objections.

If you can successfully convince him that he will make money with your product or service.  Your going to see an increase in sales.  And with luck and a little work Homer will have a great deal of success working with you.  Then he will tell all his friends how great you are.  This is where all that word of mouth marketing and branding will help you greatly.

So the next time you write an email.  Or make a video.  Market to your Homer Simpson.

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18 thoughts on “Homer Simpson Is Your Target Market When Marketing Online

  1. Hi Clint,

    I have been marketing to Homer Simpson for quite awhile with a different label. I don’t like the Simpsons at all, however, your analogy of comparing Mr. Simpson to the average person wanting to make money online is brilliant!

    Your post, video, and list of objections illustrate the best explanation to identify your avatar by using Homer Simpson as an example is the best I’ve ever seen.

    1) Homer Doesn’t Have a Product to Sell.
    2) Isn’t an Expert in Anything.
    3) Is Afraid to be on Camera.
    4) Doesn’t want to learn marketing copy about how to sell to himself.
    5) Doesn’t have a website.
    6) Doesn’t have a list.
    7) Wants all of his traffic to be free because buying traffic is bad to him.

    Looking at this list is proof that our work is never done because there are so many Homer Simpsons coming online every day hoping to reach their dreams of making money and being able to quit their jobs, or replace their income. If I keep these objections in mind, I’m right on target. Thanks Clint!

    Raena Lynn

  2. Homer is the Avatar I have created. He is the average Joe that wants to make money on line.
    If we keep Homer in our mindset, we will have a better way to reach out and make a good relationship with him….and by him I mean people on your list.

    Homer wants a leader. It is up to us to be a leader to him and give him the best possible ways we know how to make money on line.


  3. I don’t know Clint, I’m seeing this in a different light. Maybe I’m off here but the Homer you’re describing isn’t will to do the work it takes so therefore I definitely wouldn’t want to work with them. I don’t attract that kind of audience.

    I’m only eager to help those that want to help themselves and that’s jumping in head first and learning what to do. That’s getting in front of the camera and learning how to write copy. Not fun sometimes and very scary but a necessity if you want to make it in this industry.

    Huh, am I off on this one?


    • Adrienne,

      Actually your not off base. Your actually doing what a lot of service providers do and this to qualify their customers. You see when your in that type of industry. For example my mobile app business and SEO services business we have to qualify our customers. That way we are working with people who have reasonable expectations and understand that nothing comes quickly that is worth doing.

      I never used to qualify my customers and ran into a couple issues. First, when I sold a product on Warrior Forum I couldn’t believe the quality of customers I attracted. They wanted a $1997 product for $7 bucks. And when we didn’t qualify our SEO customers I ended up spending most of my time answering people who were looking for ‘free consultations’ and never signing up for services.

      So by you qualifying your customers, your actually saving yourself a lot of headaches.

      • Adrienne,

        I agree with your position of only bringing people to the plate who can at least swing the bat. But at the same time I can also see here by examining your target (Homer), you can tailor a product/service around his objections.

        He is your market at the base level, the any man. The bulk of any niche population does not have education on the subject of your product/service. They have fears that stop them from buying.

        If it helps, think of “Marketing to Homer” as your entry level customer. You will nurture and cultivate him so he grows to become your perfect customer for your high end product/service.

        Because you and Homer are in agreement. Neither of you can envision him as ready for that now. But maybe down the road… Think of this as starting Homer on his way.

  4. Clint I definitely enjoyed the way you put this information together I like your writing style.
    I always told the counselors I have trained that it would not be the obvious and easy client that would sharpen their skills and not to run away from the challenging client.

  5. I like your avatar, Clint.

    But I’m not sure that people looking to make money online are quite as lazy as Homer. It takes some guts and gusto to try to develop your own business, and I’ve found most people giving it a shot are pretty entrepreneurial and quite industrious.

    That’s a different avatar, though.

    We can certainly market to Homer… or to more saavy entrepreneurs. That’s what will determine what sort of products we promote and/or create. There’s certainly a market for both.

    • I disagree David. Try this little bit of market research. Go to WarriorForum.com or Clickbank.com and look in the internet markteting/make money niche products. Now find the top producing products there. The big sellers.

      Read their sales pages.

      You will find that all of them address most, if not all, of Homer’s objections.

      Remember don’t confuse the make money online niche with yours. Your market segment is a small part of the MMO niche sure. But your market comes to the internet to make an existing business opportunity better. Not to start a new one.

  6. Hi Clint. I must say that you have some of the best graphic tales on the internet. I love coming here because your site is so colorful and engaging. This is a very good analogy. As I market, I find many people who are very much like Homer. I never thought about it like that. This will give me something to think about as I continually hone my marketing skills. Thanks for your input.

    All the best,

  7. Hey Clint,

    I think a lot of people fall into the trap of working for a couple months and calling it quits. Lots of people get overwhelmed try a couple crappy eBooks and are always on the lookout for that magic blueprint that is going to make them a internet millionaire. That mentality won’t take you very far. The truth of the matter is some sites take years to develop. If your going to go for the online make money niche I would make sure you know what your doing (so many people try and so many people fail). I can’t stress the importance of doing your keyword research. Know your competitors and everything it’s going to take to outdo them. I study my competitors so good; I don’t get in battles I can’t win.

    • Keyword research is the most important step that an online marketers has to do before they get started. Unfortunately its also the most overlooked thing that most marketers skip. Which explains the 95% fail rate. They doom themselves and their business from the beginning.