Conversions Equal Getting People to Give You More Money

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Why Are Conversions Important?

So now you have a website and you have online visitors (traffic) checking out your marketing website, what now?

Well, just like how tire-kickers and window shoppers don’t do much for your bottom line, neither do online visitors who don’t end up spending money on you – makes sense right?

This is where the concept of “conversions” comes in – converting someone from a mere visitor to a loyal buyer, or at least, someone who’s “engaged” with you and your website.   As in, they took some sort of action on your website whether that’s merely clicking around, reading an article or two, giving you their name and email address and therefore permission to market to them etc.

There are many intricate layer to conversions – including your website design, such as the color usage, the shapes used, how “cluttered” it is, and how quickly the website loads.

(Side-note: ever been to a website that takes WAY too long to load on your browser? Annoying right? See how this can negatively impact your website’s conversion?)

The Many Layers of Conversions

Amongst all these layers of conversions, two stand out aside from having a good website design:

  1. Design
  2. Copywriting
  3. Clear call to action

Let’s examine all three really quick.

Good Design Matters

There is a school of thought among many different marketers at to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to design.

But let me tell you something.

If your site looks like it was made the first day the internet came out, you better have some kick ass content on there to grab the readers attention right away.

Design matters and here is how to leverage it to increase conversions.


Good Copywriting = Good Conversions

If you know anything about sales (and you really should as a business owner whether you make sales yourself or have salesperson who can make sales on your behalf), you know that it’s a special language.

It involves understanding people, their psychological triggers, knowing how to build rapport through your choice of words and body language, etc.

It’s an art form and folks who master it can well… sell ice to Eskimos if they wanted to.

Similarly, making sales online is also an art form, one which is expressed through what’s called “copywriting” – which is writing in such a way that it sells; “words that sell” as we like to say.

So be sure your website has plenty of copywriting that will swoon your online visitors and turn them into hot-prospects with credit card in hand ready to buy whatever it is you have to offer :) thus increasing your conversions.

If you no nothing about copywriting I suggest you start buying some books or courses on the subject (check my resources page for my recommendations).

Also join this Facebook group:

Call to Action (CTA) = Good Conversions

One of the biggest (and, sadly, very common) mistake salespeople make is not asking for the opt-in or sale!

Even I have done this, I get all tied up in how pretty my site is. Or how clean everything is showing, how well the content is doing on the search engines.

I even did it on this site, I didn’t have an opt-in form on ALL of my pages, so I was wasting all that great traffic that I am getting.

It just goes to show you that you can do everything else right and get the prospect hot and bothered but until they give the potential buyer clear cut instructions on what to do next (which is to buy the product/service), the prospect won’t know to do it!

Same thing with your website. Give your visitors clear cut instructions on what they NEED to do, whether that’s to buy or take some other action such as giving you their names and emails so you can build a “list.”

Now, go double check your website for:

  1. Good design
  2. Good copywriting
  3. Clear and obvious call to action

Now with that being said remember that your doing a lot of work to generate traffic to your website in order to promote yourself and showcase what you have learned from your years of struggle trying to do network marketing.

So don’t forget your conversions, ask for the sign-up, ask for the sale, ask for the comment, ask for any signs of life to make all that hard work worth it!

If your not getting any of those things then you conversions are in the toilet and your going to have to try something else.

Clint Butler

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