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A personal story or anecdote can be the perfect gateway to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Not only does a personal story give you a chance to share your experiences, but you also get to build trust with your audience by showing what you know about your niche.  Because lets face it its hard to stand out on the internet.  We have people telling us over and over and over that we need to stand out from the crowd but then they tell us all to do the same things.  But how do you separate yourself from the crowd, how do you present the same concepts of ideas in a different way then other people.

I submit that telling your personal story would be the method that you need to employ.

After all, if you’ve gone through something yourself, even if it was just one time, you probably have an insight to share with other people who face similar circumstances right?  Cold calling leads, spending all kinds of money on “the thing” that will make your business the best ever!  We have all been there and done that, your not special in that manner.  I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on different things that were supposed to bring me money and fame (but I bet my wife can, they are good at that :(  ).

The key to writing an article based on a personal story is to tell your own personal story clearly and explain the moral of the story (i.e. what did you learn from it?).

Without that, there’s no point in telling the story at all.  Your wasting your listeners time (or readers if you write it out).

Sharing a story with a clear moral is a good way to share the experience AND build trust with your audience as an authoritative voice in your niche. has learned this and have provided us with these great tips on how to tell your personal story.  You need to apply this particular personal story template not only in your articles but in your About Me video’s that you do for your website.

Here’s a general overview of how to do that with your personal story:


  • Personal Story

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    Pick Your Story – Every day we stumble across opportunities to share our personal story, but we don’t always think to write down what happened and save it for an article to be written later. Start writing down what happens when you’re experiencing something new or something related to your expertise.

    Once you start doing that, you’ll have some idea of the personal story you’d like to tell through your writing. You could be writing about something that just happened yesterday. Or, you could think about the past and flip open your journal to bring back older memories.

  • Tell the Story – Set the scene for the story by providing the who, what, when, where, why and how of what happens. Leave out information if it seems trivial or unimportant to the story. Use chronological order as best you can.
  • Explain the Moral of the Story – Feel free to combine the story and moral together. The more you go into detail on why you’re telling the story and what you learned from the experience, the better.For example, you might be writing about a recent night out when you were trying to save some money. The moral of the story could be something like, “See it really is possible to find inexpensive food and entertainment in the heart of New York City. Dinner for two and a movie cost us less than $40. You, too, can save by following these tips …” followed by your own original tips.
  • Give Further Advice – Add additional advice as you see fit. Also, think about whether you would have done things differently given the opportunity and share that.
So hopefully you have been energized to tell your personal story and actually tell your readers where you are coming from.


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2 thoughts on “Personal Story Article Template

  1. I think personal stories are an excellent way to build report…people love stories and if you can put a sound conclusion which relates to a call to action by the reader, you are golden.

    • I totally agree agree Teresa. A lot of people leave their stories out because they think no one wants to hear them. But if reality TV has taught us anything. Its that people enjoy hearing and seeing personal stories and will continue to for a long time.