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Why You Should Write A How To Article

I know you have seen them since you started promoting your network marketing business online, tons and tons of articles and posts on all manner of topics include the ole faithful how to article.  Why do I say ole faithful when I refer to the how to article, well I am glad you asked.

You see over the course of doing marketing online you pick up a few tips and tricks here and there that help you make more money.  And I don’t know if you noticed but internet marketers love to tell people how much money they could make if they only did this one thing.  “Fire Up This Special Software And Money Will Flow From PayPal On AutoPilot” remember that one, bet if you searched for that in Google you would get tons of results.

Well all of those money “making” sites are all powered by a how to article.  You see people on the internet want their problems solved.  They want to lose weight, they want to get rich, they want to learn how to cook cheesecake and the how to article template is how you get them to  your site.  You identify a problem then write a how to article that addressses the problem and then presents a solution.

You can use the how to article for any niche you can image, it is by far the most versatile and effective article around.  Don’t believe me, do a Google search on “how to take digital photographs” or “how to tie a slipknot” bet you find something.  Also do some keyword research and see if your how to article is targeting an issue many people are having.  I bet you will be surpised by the results. How To Article Template

How To Article TemplateIf you have been following my short mini-series on how to use article templates  you know that I am using resources to assist you in your article marketing ventures.  The reason I am doing it this way is, well one I am not the inventor of these (not smart enough).  The second is that this particular site is by far considered the number 1 site to publish your content on when using article marketing.

Their how to article template is clear and consise so lets get to it shall we?

Use this simple, yet powerful and flexible template to create your next high-quality how to article.

Writing a how to article seems like an easy task, but forget one step and your “Simple Guide to Installing a Toilet” could end up as a simple guide to disaster! You to ensure that you spend a little time analyzing your subject matter.  What I mean, and the folks at Ezine reiterate, is that you need to research your how to article topic until your are 100% clear on what your writing about. The outcome of all this researching will be valuable content your readers will love.

How To Article Template

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Great How-To Article:

  1. Pick a Topic in Your Niche – Think about things that you have done that require a specific set of steps, like how to install a toilet, build a bookshelf or make a 3-bean salad.
  2. Lead with a Great Title – What is the top benefit of your informative article? Use that as your title. Try this template: “How to [get/save/become] and [insert big reward here].” In his book, Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich, copywriter David Garfinkel gives these examples:
    • How to Save Time and Get Things Done (Time Management Coach)
    • How to Get a Better Job and Make More Money (Recruiter)
    • How to Save Money and Retire Rich (Financial Planner)

    You don’t have to use the words “How To.” You could just say “Install a Toilet Yourself and Save a Pile of Money” – or whatever.

  3. Begin with a Simple Introduction – Maybe relating a personal experience as to how you came to know about the topic the hard way – or, conversely, how simple it was to learn.
  4. Include a List of Supplies, Tools and/or Resources – If your reader is going to need something besides their wits to accomplish the task, tell them upfront so they can prepare everything in advance.
  5. Write Instructions in Chronological Order – Don’t make your instructions convoluted or confusing – keep it short and simple (KISS) and don’t include more than one thought per step.
  6. Create Mental Images – Since your article can’t include photos or illustrations, use words to paint a picture instead. Clearly describe what your reader will experience to avoid confusion … and a loss of credibility for you!
  7. Conclude with Cautions, Tips and Advice – This is a great place to add some goodwill and wrap things up on a positive note. It’s also a wonderful way to lead readers into your Resource Box.

Using this incredibly flexible and powerful how to article template, you’ll be able to create article after article that will not only benefit your readers, but you as well with increased traffic, credibility and exposure.


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