How Often Should You Blog?

Blogging Is About Shaping Ideas

I really would like to answer the question of how often should you blog right away, but I love telling stories so here we go!!! As many of you know I am involved  in several Facebook groups concerning the topic of marketing.  Whether it be marketing on pay per click, search engine marketing, or social media marketing.  But the one method that I love beyond all others is content marketing. Of course content can take many forms on the internet.  With video, audio, images, and text being the primary forms.   But all of them are presented on the internet as a web page, or more commonly called a blog (weblog for you ole timers like me). But what is a blog really for? And how often should you blog? How often should you blog Some will say that your blog should be a place for you to attract people so you can sell to them.  These are the marketing blogs. Some will say that a blog can be a place where can gather people with like ideas. And others will through the old guru fan boy thought process that its a  place where you provide value and then money will come falling out of your DVD drive. But in my opinion, and that of many others, is that a blog is really a place to get your voice heard. And the benefit of this wonderful forum is that you get to express yourself freely without censorship.  This is your land and you get to do anything that you want with it. And your readers will love you and respect you for it.  They will do you the honor of taking time  to comment on your blog.  They will interact with you.  And more importantly, they will interact with each other. By doing so not only will your opinion be heard.  But any opposing opinions will be heard as well.  Its called a discussion, and that is how true problems are solved. So why not have your blog be the place that discussion is taking place? discussion forum

So how often should you blog?

So back to those Facebook groups that I was talking about. In one of my groups there was a question of how are you supposed to comment on a blog if there is not fresh content on it. My reply was that it shouldn’t matter how often a blogger posts new content.  What should matter is that the content was good enough that there are already comments  on it.  And if your are trying to build a relationship with both that blogger and his readers.  You as a visitor should join in on the conversation.  If of course you have something intelligent to say. Of course, as with anything, there were others that have a very different opinion on that. One was that if the commenter was a frequent visitor of a blog.  And they had already commented on a specific article, they would not comment again. Now I don’t particularly agree with this for a couple reasons. First, its clear to me that the only reason they are commenting on your blog in the first place is to get a backlink to their own site. And second, most (not all) will only leave half-hearted comments on your site.  The others who do leave really great comments will never come back to that page.  So it doesn’t matter how often should you blog, because they will only hit your site and not come back.  Which is really a shame because your readers may want to hear more about what they have to say on the subject. speak up

How often should you blog already?!?! Should You Blog Everyday?

Yes And No. I know, I’m complicated, let me explain. You see you shouldn’t just blog for the sake of blogging. The fact of the matter is that if you have enough to say, blog everyday.  If you know that much about your subject you deserve to be recognized  as an expert in your field. But what if you don’t have that amount of knowledge on your topic.  Should you blog everyday anyway? No Let me rephrase that. HELL NO. Look people are smart and they can pick out a fake in a heartbeat. And if your new to a topic the old pro’s will call you out in a second and ruin any credibility you may have had.  And believe me, its almost impossible to get it back. The real key to blogging is consistency. If you choose to blog once a month.  Then blog once a month. If you choose to blog once a day.  Then blog once a day. The real key is to blog with a purpose.  And to promote your content.

An Example Of Consistency Combined With Promotion

There are many ways to promote you content on the net, but in case you didn’t know here is a short list:

  • Press Releases
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article Directories
  • Did I mention social media?
  • Pay Per Click
  • Banner Advertising (new name for this is media buys)
  • Syndication groups
  • Syndication software

The cold hard fact is that it does not matter if you write the next best selling novel on your site.   If people don’t know about it, they are never going to read it.  So you can blog everyday to your hearts content, and if people don’t know its there.  Your wasting your time. Derek  Halpern knew this. If you don’t know who he is you really should.  Especially if your a blogger. He was in several niches  before he took up blogging as a business.  But when he did get started he is a home run. Check out his site He posted a new blog post about once a month.  There are some times when he posted a bit more frequently.  And there are times when he posted with less frequency.  But one thing that he did with every post was to promote  each and every piece. Don’t take my word for it, watch this video. So, how often should you blog? Blog as often as you want to make sure you provide value. Don’t blog everyday because someone told you to. Don’t blog every week if you can’t really offer something new and valuable to your readers. But when you do blog, promote promote promote. And if people don’t want to comment on your blog more that once to interact with your reader.  Were they really your target audience in the first place?  Or were they just going through the motions to get a backlink to from your site? Either way who really cares about how often should you blog, you and your real readers will do just fine with whatever frequency you choose. P.S. If You Need A System to Help You Get in Front of More People. Click Here

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49 thoughts on “How Often Should You Blog?

  1. Hey Clint this was a great blog post. This actually changed my mind on how often I should blog. I use to think there was a specific number of times per week you should blog. I would post a blog every other day, which didn’t suffice to much. But you hit it on the nail. You have to promote, promote, promote your content more so than blog everyday.

    You want to be heard and you want those serious people to hear you, and share their valuable comments. This is where you build social proof. This looks good with search engines and this is successful bloggers monetize their blogs. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  2. This message resonates with me Clint.

    I blogged 30 times a day recently. Then I pulled back. Turns out my energy sucked. The posts were good but I did not feel good about them.

    Blog when you are ready to share something helpful, related to your niche. This helps you feel good about your offering, and when you feel good, magic happens.



    • I was the same way Ryan, posted everyday for 180 days straight. And in the end I hated the posts and hated the results even more. Now I blog when I have something of value to say. The rest of the time I try to build the best relationships that I can.

  3. Great video you added to this post…good to hear Imers looking at the core components of relationship building and influence and focusing on the actual reader than just selling!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Kelsey!! It seems that people forget that relationships are as important online as they are offline. And try to operate in some sort of bubble.

  4. Great tips. I blog for my company as well as personal. My company blog posts go out about 1x per week as they are marketing/social media based and they require a bit more research than my personal blog.On my personal blog I post 1x per weekday and keep the weekends for myself to refresh. On that site I am talking about healthy living (diet/exercise) and triathlon.As for promotion you have to do it to get your blog read as there are so many out there you need to stand out above the rest. Social media for sure, and I have picked up a few writing gigs for sites on a monthly basis. Leveraging all of those has proven to be a big hit for my following.Thank you again for the great post.

  5. I blog as much as 3-4 times a week. But there are times that I don’t get to do this. I just don’t want to post for the sake of blogging because there are times that I just simply ran out of ideas.x

    • I hear ya Felix, and its something that a lot of bloggers run in to. Especially in very specific niche’s or topics. As a result there are many people who turn to automated content as a quick fix just to keep the content rolling. Unfortunately most of that content is junk and they are doing more harm then good. Better to write when you have something great to say. Versus the writing for the sake of writing method.

  6. Hey Clint,
    you sure wrote a great blog here and made a difference.

    It is so funny that all of us have different ways to express our selves BUT sometime or some of us, forget that and we are ready to point fingers once we feel that we are superior of someone else (we are NEVER superior of anyone, in my opinion).

    I was suggested to post a blog every week… I went along that for a while and then I found my “good feeling way” and I stick to that.. and it is to write a blog when I feel good to write or when I get inspired to write about something that I believe is is helpful.

    If others feel good to read or comment… it is up to them… I am happy that I wrote it and that is enough.

    Thanks for your post Clint and look forward to see more in the future.

    • Hi Nick,
      writing a post when we feel inspired makes such a difference and if our readers feel good to read then it was worthwhile.
      Providing something interesting and of value is so important.
      Personally I like the 80/20 rule of providing information with only 20% of promotion.


  7. Hey Clint:

    Great blog and full of value. I have done that and been there! Sounds familiar? I tried posting every day put couldn’t keep up with the pace, just because someone told me that in order to achive the best results I had to do it once or twice a day. It was so overwelming that I just stoped all together and since I already had a web site I bought some content and just scheduled them to post everyday.

    Recently I decided to give it a try once again but at my own pace. I’m in the process now of seting it up once again. Still have the daily posts with the content I bought put will put does on hold so that I can beging to create my own contant once again but as I said before “this time at my own pace”

    • Exactly Primo, and your definately not alone. I bet you could go search the internet in many different niches and find abandoned blogs. Where the owner was really pushing out great content day after day and then stopped. You can’t realistically expect that every day your going to have something to write about. Unless of course your a research writer, then you’ll probably be pretty good.

  8. Hi Clint! I did notice your conversation on FB and just knew I would find a blog post about this and it is a very good topic. I did blog everyday for a few months and wasn’t really happy about how this was going. I now blog about things that are going on in my life and try to give value to others for this and i don’t schedule this it just happens. I have found that by writing about things that are actually happening in my life does get the conversation going and I am having fun engaging with others because of this. Before I was just writing to write and I really wasn’t enjoying it. Great topic Clint!

    I did also enjoy your bonus “the video!” I got a few great tips Like 1 Action, SO true :)

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :0

    • Chery it was great reading your comment.

      I believe that your readers will get more from your blog when your write when your excited, angry, or just have something cool to say. Writing just for the sake of writing does nothing for them, or you for that matter.

      Sure its important to have some sort of consistency when your are trying to figure out how often should you blog. But isn’t blogging monthly consistency if your doing it monthly. Or whatever frequency you choose.

  9. I don’t really blog everyday. I do it three or four times a week. But I make sure to post quality blogs and that I also keep an active relationship with my commenters and fellow bloggers.

  10. Hello Clint, you have shared a tremendous amount of value within this post. I agree with you that it’s the relationship with the list. The larger list will only win when all else is equal. Build relationships with your lists… Great post!

  11. Hi Clint!
    Well, I try to blog twice a week. It was once a week for years, but I’m up to two now. Should I blog every day? Not! Right now I am focusing on my email list more than my blog. Hey, that is where I need to build relationships at this point of my business.

    But, I can tell you I just Love social media and am on it all the time, of course not all day, but in intervals. Time is precious. I’ve got my Daily Method of Operation pretty well down. I just cannot blog each day.


    • Same here Donna. After a while I could tell that my content looked forced. And quite frankly, I thought it was crap. Now when I do blog I am passionate about what I am writing about, and have a lot more fun doing it.

  12. Clint, this is one of the most well balanced posts I’ve read on this subject. Both consistency and promotion are so key. It’s the people with consistently great content that we keep coming back to. On the other hand, if we don’t spend time promoting, our future readers won’t find us. I loved your list of ways to promote your content.

  13. Promotion is the most important thing you can do…. period.Love the post Clint, and that’s what resonates with me the most because we do a whole lot of promoting at MI.

    We believe in the principle that you should be everywhere if you want to truly grow your business. Before you build social proof, you just need to have your presence be known and have something credible to say.

    This also works well when you attract leads, I just wrote about it on FirepoleMarketing, “Game of Forums” – would love your feedback on it Clint!

    It’s a sad fact that most people will give up when they don\’t see instant results. We\’re trying to change that at MI… one person at a time.

  14. Hi Clint,

    I really like your point of consistency, it is so important as it give that extra credability to your blog and business. People like to do business with people and companies that they have had the opportunity to get to know. A well run blog and social media accounts are a great way to do this . Rosemary

  15. Clint, I really appreciate your thoughts on how often to blog. If one is blogging everyday, they have to really be good to come up with meaty content that will keep their readers coming back. If everyone blogged everyday….how could commenters get around to everyone’s blogs on a daily basis? Just wondering. I do agree that we should blog about something that really interests us as often as is comfortable and not what someone else dictates that we do. We are all different and unique in our interests….let’s be ourselves…who we really are.
    Kuddos on the great content!

  16. Clint hello nice detailed post. One thing I have been advised to do was to be consistent with blogging … so I was of the impression that if one opted for a weekly post one should follow that through and if one decided a monthly posting is for them then they should me consistent with that. I guess there are no hard and fast rules really!

  17. Clint,
    Love, love, love your posts… and I like the new look! I have run across that problem of visiting a website and the content is old.. I usually just look for a post I can respond to, and of course it depends on the blog content. You always have a calm, fresh approach to all this blogging stuff… thanks for the unsight and the inspiration …

  18. Hey Clint,
    What a great post I learn from you today ! Thank you very much :-)
    I used to blog about anything related to building relationship because I believe so much about building relationship for business success but one thing I realised about my mistake made was that I provided some useful content related to the topic I blogged about BUT it did not take them to my business from my blog post. I would say it is because I didn’t tell my reader about my business and what I was doing and how my product or business can benefit them. Well, mistakes make me stronger, Clint !:-) I began to see reasons to blog and when to send prospects to my blog. Anyway, still learning and a lot more to improve :-)

    Lastly, I appreciate you for sharing such informative content and question on how frequent a person should blog. Thanks again :-)

    Cheers ! :-)

  19. Hi Clint,
    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and the video with the interview.

    What you and Derek are saying makes a lot of sense.
    One thing I wonder is whether it makes a difference to have an easy way (i.e. categories or a tag cloud) for visitors to find other posts on the blog to read would be helpful as well?


  20. Hi Clint, I agree about posting when it suits you, it all depends on the blogger. If you try to post simply because you think you *have to*, it won’t be an effective blog post anyway. I think the number of times you blog also depends on how new your blog is – if it doesn’t have much content, you may want to blog more frequently at first, to build it up.

  21. Hi Clint, I would also have to agree, I think it best if when your writing you are in a good state of mind, If you end up blogging just because you have to then your not going to enjoy writing and your readers are slowly going to say see ya later..
    I think as well that a blog should not be all about selling, it gives people more of a personal feel if you include a story or a funny joke..

    Kind Regards, Jessica.

  22. Hi Clint,

    You did it again! You managed to take a common question and gave it a real world twist. I’ve seen so many posts recommending a certain number of times a blogger should post. I agree with you. Consistency and value is the key. Very rarely do I “counter comment” so after reading this post, I will be more likely to add to the conversation rather than “syndicating” with one comment.

    Thanks for sharing the video! Wow, I learned a lot and from Derek Halpern. I listened all the way through. He is amazing! He discussed USP, one content marketing, and most important, building your email list. I love what he said, “I publish when I have something important to say and I publish when I have something that can actually get people results.” It’s refreshing to hear that it is totally fine to post without being pressured to fill a certain quota. I have struggled with this, and Derek shared a different way approach blogging and has given me a lot of new ideas! Very interesting!

    Raena Lynn

  23. Wow Clint! Nice post. I also believe that the content you decide to blog about should be unique. Everybody out there seems to be starting a marketing or marketing training blog. For this reason, when I blog it sure can’t be what the more seasoned bloggers like yourself blog about, and this is fine because I know that people are joining in on blogging at different levels. My blog will reach an audience on my level of expertise. Now people with years of experience, of course their blogs will cater more to the farther along group. Just my thoughts.

  24. Clint,

    I think that was the best blog post I may have ever read with that amazing video.
    Derick has explained something I have been personally struggling with for years – how to differentiate myself in a crowded marketplace. I love talking about marketing and blogging and the online world, but my niche is really about creating love and loving relationships. But for a long time these 2 disparate areas seemed conflicting. Now I understand why and where I need to bury my head and focus my attention.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    Dr. Erica

  25. Hello Clint……This is a very powerful video……and post…..I write something everyday, but only publish a new post when I like how it turns out…..The others I keep in drafts, so I can come back to them in the future…..some of the drafts are just a few words of an idea……I save it until something clicks in my head to either write about it or trash it…..I am still extremely new at Blogging and appreciate any advice I can find on the subject….Thanks Clint …….I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm of Derek Halpern in the video…….Smokey

  26. the how often should I post a blog is a bit of a misleading question. It’s a bit like a person about to run a marathon saying “how often should I run?”. Blog frequency depends on many things but one thing I always advocate is that you should write every day. The only way you will learn what you niche likes, loves and responds to is work it out for yourself. You can buy all the advice in the world, but until you do it you’ll never truly know.

  27. Hi Clint,
    Excellent advice and video on how often you should blog! I try to put up new content once a week because I want my blog readers to always be able to find something new on my site every week. I also think quality over quantity is always important when writing posts. I take alot of time and care on my posts so I would never just put something up on my site without making sure it offers value to my audience. Once I have a new post I share it all over social media. Eventually I will start blogging twice a week but its hard for me to do this right now with since I’m setting up the promotion for my new book and working with new clients.

  28. Everyday Laurie, everyday. I found the best way to get motivated to write again is to read. Read blog posts, read books, just read something to get you mind thinking. Another good thing you can do is listen to podcasts or audio’s.

  29. Hi Clint. I enjoyed this post. I struggle with scheduling posts – I get busy and it doesn’t get done. It made me feel better about not always being where I want to be.

    It’s late, I’m tired, but I did go to Derek Halpern’s blog and will watch the video later. Thanks for the link and this article.

    All the best,