Being Best Selling Author Is The Ultimate Path To Branding Yourself

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Why Should I Consider Being A Best Selling Author?

When I first entered into internet marketing I really only did it in order to figure out how to better promote my marketing business so being a best selling author was truly furthest from my mind.

But as time went on I learned that marketing yourself has way more value than marketing your company or its products.

Marketing your knowledge and your ability to provide your followers with information that really want and need would be of better value.

So I started writing my own ebook on internet marketing via search engine optimization (I am still working on it but hopefully it will be all done soon).  I had originally planned on publishing it via a couple forums and selling it for a little while just to get some quick cash.

Then eventually giving it away to build a list.

I soon realized however, that I would get more bang for my buck if I actually offered it as a printed book as well as via electronic books like the Kindle.

And writing a book creates the ultimate business card, provides instant credibility, and an unfair advantage over your competition.

I also learned that if I was going to be a best selling author, entrepreneur, business owner, sales professional, consultant to my team, or plan on building my marketing business then I need to write a book.

But I needed a plan on how to achieve the notoriety as a best selling author that I was looking for, I needed a way to get noticed.

I know that I needed to do whatever it takes to improve my families future, just like you want to do right?

Today is going to be YOUR turning point, remember if your not moving forward your moving backward so lets get started!

A Proven Formula For Becoming A Best Selling Author

I don’t do a lot of things without researching those that are successful and work to duplicate that success in order to lower my learning curve.

Due to that I have the ability to limit my risk and maximize the return I receive from my efforts to be a best selling author.

That research has brought me to my own proven formula that a best selling author follows in order to achieve success.

how to become a best selling author infographic


Just kidding Big Smile here is the real formula!

3 Step Formula

Step 1 to becoming a best selling author: Writing your book

  1. Write your book with the goal of making it about 50,000 to 60,000 words.  The reason for this is that being a best selling author means that you have to provide a really good value in your book.  Depending on your topic you can generally achieve that with this amount of words.
  2. Designing a cover that sells is important.  Get someone else to do this for you if you don’t know how.
  3. The Editor is the Key, get someone that can get your writing cleaned up.  Nothing worse then publishing a book full of spelling and grammatical errors.  But if you can’t afford it, get someone else to at least read it for you and recommend corrections.

Step 2 to becoming a best selling author: Getting Published

  1. Option 1 is to publish through a major publisher.  To do it this way you need an agent, you have to market it yourself, and you get tiny royalties.
  2. Option 2 is self publishing.  Here you have to do all the work, and the average cost of doing it this way is $10,000 before marketing.  The benefit when you publish your own book is that you buy the book wholesale and then sell it at retail resulting in a greater profit margin
  3. Option 3 is publishing your book through Amazon.  They do all the book marketing for you, book publishing, etc etc.  This is by far the easiest option.

Step 3 to becoming a best selling author: Marketing Your Book

  1. Have a large list to promote your book too
  2. Have marketing partners
  3. Have a website with sales copy
  4. Offer bonuses with your book that create a sense of urgency the week of the launch of your book.  Give people a reason to buy now.

So what do you write about?

Well there are several topics but here are just a few to get you going and that are selling for top dollar.

  1. Just tell a story fiction or non fiction.  Tell the story about your life and how you started in your business.  Or write the next Da Vinci Code by applying some creative writing.
  2. Tell a story about overcoming adversity
  3. Tell a story about becoming or being a great parent
  4. Be a best selling author by writing “how to” books like “How To Be Healthy”
  5. If your already coaching your team write about how you help them solve their problems
  6. Be a best selling author providing business advice
  7. Write about your PASSION. What do you do or are involved in?  What’s your cause?

There are challenges to branding yourself when you are taking the steps to become an best selling author.  Here are some challenges that you may find impede your attempt to becoming a best selling author.

  1. No time
  2. Don’t Know Where To Start
  3. Not Sure Of How To  Get Published
  4. Not A Good Writer
  5. Improper Mindset

If you think that made this overly simplistic, your right.  And I did it for a good reason.

You see with the modern day internet everyone has the ability to publish their own works.  You just have to get off your butt (figuratively unless you can type while standing) and start writing.

You can become a best selling author because you do have a story to tell and people will buy your book so get busy and write already.

Clint Butler

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6 thoughts on “Being Best Selling Author Is The Ultimate Path To Branding Yourself

  1. Great post as always Clint.

    I have published a new physical book every year for the past 3 years – can’t say I had time to concern myself with being a “best selling” author but perhaps it is something to consider.

    Other ideas currently have my interest and energy.
    Congrats on your accomplished goal.

  2. The info-graphic made me chuckle because that’s truly how it is. I have an E-Book on Amazon, and it’s been up since March of this year. When I wrote it, I really just wanted it out there, and didn’t consider actually having a hard copy available. I do plan to write another book as time goes on, and I would like my second book to be available as a physical book. For now I’m focusing on other endeavors, but this is great advice Clint! :)

  3. Hi, Clint.

    First time on your site, and I must say I like the way you write. You made me smile several times which is hard to do at half past midnight!

    I like that your point is pretty much “Just Do The Work” from start to finish. I tend to start…only to putter out before the finish line is even in site! Time to give myself a swift kick in the bum and get to it. I want to have 3-4 Kindle Books out by end of year…February at the latest!

  4. Hi Clint,
    thank you for sharing these great suggestions.

    I like the funny mindmap too! Love the humor!

    Recently I came across a fairly new bood at the library called ‘ePublish’ by Steve Weber.
    It has lots of great hints and links to recources in it. He suggests to market the book online first before doing the hard copy.

    Much appreciated.
    All the best with your book.