Three Ways for Your Blog to Make You Money


How would you like to turn your blog into money in the bank?

The fastest, easiest way is to monetize the internet is to start up a blog and since a blog is so flexible, there are also plenty of ways to do it.

Here are the top three ways:

1. Sell your products.

This is the most obvious way to make money with a blog: If you have products or services to sell, then promote them on your blog.

You can put permanent banners and text ads in the sidebar.

You can also weave your product links into your actual blog posts.

Example: Let’s suppose you’re selling a fishing book on your blog.

You can post a “Top 10 New Fishing Lures For 2011” article on your blog.

And then at the end of the article you can include a link to your book, “101 Tips for Catching More Fish”.

If people like your ten tips, then they’ll be eager to buy the book your offering.

Of course that is a bit simplistic in its explanation but you get the idea

2. Sell affiliate products.

Don’t have your own products yet?

No problem: You can sell affiliate products.

That means that you get a commission every time someone buys a product or service through your affiliate link.

There are plenty of big companies that have affiliate programs.

One of the most popular affiliate programs for physical products is the program.  Simply because your buyers already know and trust  But you have to do some research, there are a couple of places where the program is not available because state governments started taxing online sales.

If you’re going to sell downloadable information products, then one of the best affiliate programs is via

There you’ll find thousands upon thousands of products to sell.  Best of all, the commission rates are generous. You’ll see them as high as 50% and even 75%!

3. Advertise your list building offer.

Still another way to make money on your blog is by showing an optin offer on your blog.

I am sure you have heard it before, the age old saying “the money is in the list” and lead generation is something that a blog is very useful for.

Your blog will allow you to establish yourself as an authority on the net, thus encouraging people to read your posts.

As a result they will optin on your list for more information from you.

Here’s the biggest benefit of this method:

You don’t have to sell a thing.

You don’t have to convince anyone to buy.

You simple send them the information that you promised them and constantly direct them to your offer.

Of course if you are just starting out, capturing telephone numbers and calling your leads cannot be discounted, but once you are recognized on the net as a leader, signups for your products or company will come on autopilot.

Why does a blog work so well?

Because blogging gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.

When you establish yourself as a trusted expert, people are more likely to buy from you.

All you have to do is post good content on your blog to attract prospects.

What are you using your blog for? Comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Three Ways for Your Blog to Make You Money

  1. Hi Clint
    Loved the simplicity of your information. It was really easy to see how to use your blog to help you to earn money, whether it is with your own products or as an affiliate.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Clint,

    I haven’t quite gotten to monetizing my blog yet, but I hope to! You’ve given excellent advice here – thanks!

  3. Clint,
    I agree blogs help establish a person as an authority. How many posts do you think it takes to be seen as “legit?”

  4. Hey Clint

    Your blog has had a makeover? The last time i saw it …it was very different.. it looks fresher now for sure. How are you?

    Let’s hook up at some point I know I could learn from you.


  5. Right now my blog is a big mess. It mostly consists of book reviews. I’m trying to find a specific niche to blog about on a regular basis.

  6. Hi Clint,
    great tips!
    Your tip about providing free information via your posts which tie in with the product you sell make a lot of sense.
    The same could even apply to the affiliate products by giving an overview or how the product works or how it can be used. I did this with the Vision Board System Software and had a lot of fun creating video tutorials for it.
    Another way to make money is to provide consultation/coaching via skype and to share our expertise that way. I love helping people with technical ‘stuff’ and I am glad to also have done a coaching course which does help with the communication side.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise!
    Yorinda recently posted..Chia the Super SeedMy Profile