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I have an on again, off again love affair with social media marketing that not many people understand. Sure there is a great potential to generate tons of traffic from the sites. I for one however don’t really get all the much from them. Maybe I’m not paying enough lol. The real issue is commitment to social media marketing and knowing where to share your content to get the ball rolling.

12 Ways To Get More Fans

If you are like me you are trying to get more fans to visit your Facebook fan page. And if you are also like me, when you just started out you had no real clue what you were doing. You just knew that all the people out there who were making tons of money said […]

Google Plus In Marketing

For many marketers Google Plus is considered the wild west. There are the Cowboy’s who have whole heartedly embraced the new social network. And then there are the Indians who refuse to use it. But somewhere in the middle are the common sence marketers who know that surviving online in the coming years is going to depend on Google Plus whether they like it or not. These are the one’s who will prosper with this network over the long term.

Pinterest For Men

Is Not Just For The Ladies Do you remember when Pinterest was just the talk of the town on the news about how big it was growing and how its quickly becoming one of the most visited sites on the net just under Facebook and YouTube? I was so excited when I found out about […]