WordPress SEO Plugin Installation And Setup


Why I Use The WordPress SEO Plugin? Like you, I have been trying for several years to properly market my business on the internet and when I first started the first thing I learned was search engine optimization. The lure of all the free targeted traffic that you can get with a properly optimized site […]

Creating A Perfect SEO Strategy For 2014

Rae Hoffman

With Google and Bing making so many changes to the rules when it comes to ranking in the search engines you need to be informed. The fact of the matter is that your strategy for search engine optimization is now considered flawed. If you are going to succeed in marketing online your going to need to implement an SEO strategy that focuses on link building through promotion.

On Page SEO – SEO Tips To Prevent Over Optimization With WordPress

On Page SEO

WordPress is working against you! Your typical WordPress installation is actually hurting you in the search engines. And the search engines is where the most targeted and free traffic is. Discover these on page SEO techniques and SEO tips that will take your site to next level in the search engine results.

Use Google For Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the use of video, audio, and other forms of content in order to attract new visitors and customers to your website. This is all in the hopes that you will be able to convert them into customers. There are tons of great tools that Google offers that will help you do just that, for free!

Reasons Why Your Search Rankings Dropped And How To Fix It

Farmer, Panda, Penguin Oh My!! With every update to the search rankings there is always this big deal made in the marketing space telling people SEO is dead. This usually is immediately followed up by the product promotion teaching some other method that is supposed to be better. But as long as search engines exist so will SEO.

11 Best Places to Get Authoritative Links For Your Website

While there are a lot of people preaching that SEO is dead this could be nothing further from the truth. These days however you need to ensure that your getting authoritative links to your site. This will not only increase your rankings, but help establish your site as an authority site making backlinking less and less important over time.

The Perfect SEO Strategy For 2013

SEO strategy

When Creating An SEO Strategy Use Quality Information When I first started doing search engine optimization a bit over four years ago I didn’t really have an SEO strategy.  And to be quite frank I really didn’t think I need one at the time. But as I grew within in the industry I learned that […]

Big List Of Niche Keywords

elmer fudd hunting

I Don’t Know What To Write About Lets face the facts.  If you have been blogging for marketing any amount of time your going to run into this problem.  We all do, its just a fact of life.  But you don’t have to let it get you down because I have come to the rescue. […]

Live The Dream 3 – Michelle And Bill Pescosolido Talk Facebook

Facebook and Prospecting The first leader that I ever started following online what Michelle Pescosolido.  I even took everything that I learned from her and created my first information product (don’t sell it anymore) and made a ton of money.  Michelle is considered an authority on Facebook marketing in the online network marketing world. Due […]