Is MLM A Scam?

Is MLM A Scam? I guess it all depends on your perspective and more importantly on who brought you in to the industry. There are many people in the network marketing industry who only build a downline and then charge people under them to learn how to build their downline. This gives all network marketers a bad name.

Not Just Another Visi Review

Girl with surfboard

What Is Visi Anyway? Over the course of the years I have been involved with several different companies.  There are some that offer a bunch of great products.  And there are some companies that focus solely on one.  There are companies whose members do more selling then building down lines.  And there are companies who […]

Network Marketing Scam Artist Reveals All

Network marketing scam claims are all around the internet and its about time the industry stood up for itself rather than not addressing it. Leaders are people who take on the challenges of guiding people to the hard right versus the easy wrong. By not ignoring network marketing scam claims and meeting them head on, your doing your industry a favor.

Global Information Network Lead Generation

Yet Another Global Information Network Scam? Have you ever felt like that little girl in the picture there, I know I have.  Yelling at the top of you lungs trying to drown out all the negativity in you life.  Or even worse trying to get your business opportunity presented to someone only to have the […]

Online Network Marketing

Online Network Marketing Is All The Rage So you joined a network marketing company and your all excited.  Right until your upline tells you that you in order for there “plan” to work and put you in the money you need to buy leads and cold call them.  They throw in a few scripts and […]

7 Minute Workout Review

7 Minute Workout – Yeah Right! If you have been on the internet for more than a year or so then you know about the boys over at GVO who started a little website hosting company that promised to give you all the tools that you need to build a successful internet business.  And a […]