This might help anyone who is feeling discouraged. Imagine for a moment that you were a farmer and you had a heap of seed to plant in hope of a future harvest.

First you would have to prepare the field – ploughing up the fallow ground to prepare it for sowing the seed. Depending on the size of the field, this can take a long time. At the end all you can see is a pile of upturned dirt.

Next you have to sow the seed – another time-consuming task and at the end of it still the only thing you can see is a field full of dirt.

Now, imagine you have just finished plowing your field and someone walks up to you and says: “Well that was a waste of time – I can’t see that you have anything to show for that!”

You would look at them as if they were insane.

You would say “Of course I cannot see anything yet – the seeds need to germinate before the crop can grow and then when it is ready, then I’ll harvest it”

SIDEBAR: More hard farmer work [Harvesting]

You need to look at your business in this same light. Some of you are at the stage of breaking up the fallow ground. It feels like all you do is move rocks all day.

Perhaps you are busy sowing seeds. You need to remember that seeds take time and patience to grow.

Maybe you are starting to see the first green shoots starting to emerge? and the frustration of wanting things to ‘grow faster’ is driving you crazy!

Trust me we have all been there.

Here is the thing:

You need to sow good seed in good ground.

You need to be patient.

If you sow good seed in prepared ground, that seed will ultimately result in a harvest.

Courtesy of Chris Bloor and Marketing Secrets Facebook group

One of the most important things in marketing is the ability to set yourself apart from your competition.

Moreover, its the ability to identify to your target customer how your are different from your competition. This can really be a tricky endeavor online because of the over abundance of information that is available to you.

And quite frankly there are a lot of people out there who thrive on bullying you into taking some type of marketing action that just doesn’t feel right.

But if you follow your instincts and perform under the values that you really believe in, there will be someone there who wants to not only learn from you.   They will want to be life long customers of your product or service.

Take a minute to look at your top ten competitors in your market and see how they differ from each other.

Then, using that information, create your own path that makes you the best choice.

Setting Yourself Apart is Easy

Setting yourself apart in this manner allows you to start to build yourself as the authority in your market.  And it allows you to build a solid reputation with your customers and competitors alike.

Setting your business apart from others works much the same way.  If you think about closely you’ll realize that personal branding is no different from branding a “brand”.  Setting yourself apart from others by being the resource for information when you target customer needs is key and you can do that through your website.

By answering frequently asked questions you find using forums or answers sites will definitely help build your brands usefulness.  And a useful business is a profitable business.

So make a plan on how you are going to take your business to the next level.

How are you going to start setting yourself apart?

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