WordPress Plugins 101 What Do You Really Need

Plugins Make Your Life Easier When I first started using the WordPress platform on a self hosted site it was a bit daunting.  But one of the great things about the CMS (content management system) is that its really easy to get going.  But it does lack some things that could really make a good […]

Strategic Internet Marketing Laid Out

Over the last few years internet marketing has quickly grown into the number one way to bring more customers through your doors. Or to your own business website where you can either sell your own products, or products created by others. The key to being successful at doing it, however, is that you have to have a plan.

Live The Dream 3 – Tim Erway Duplication And More

Yeah The Magnetic Sponsoring Tim Erway Tim Erway is probably the most well know internet marketer in the network marketing industry.  After being lucky enough to partner with the likes of Mike Dillard he was able to form the attraction marketing company Magnetic Sponsoring. Since then he has trained some of the big names in […]

Live The Dream 3 – Diane Hochman The Digital Dingbat

Don’t Let Here Fool You I really connected to Diane Hochman when I watch the DVD’s of the first and second Live The Dream events that were held.  She is a great speaker who speaks very bluntly.  Its really refreshing to here someone like her when your surrounded by people who tend to borderline on […]

Live The Dream 3 – Rob Fore Talks A Copy Model

How to Make 440% More Sales and Profit Rob Fore opened up this session by stated that the reason most people fail is because they don’t have a defined purpose.  He stated that you needed a defined purpose regardless of what your doing. He also stated that you need a defined strategy for how your […]

Guest Blogging Is Great If Not Abused

What Is Guest Blogging? Ever since the search engines came out people have been trying to figure out a way to play the system.  They have used just about every trick and tip out there to build links to their sites.  This is all done with one goal in mind.  Get more website traffic to […]