5 Really Obvious Ways To Watch Industry Competitors Better Than Ever


When I was first told that I needed to be watching what industry competitors where doing for content I groaned about it. I had no desire to read a bunch of blogs or watch video’s for my whole day. Especially since I was doing that already to research topics that I was writing about. Here are 5 ways to take some free tools and methods and put them to work for you.

Where To Find Free Images For My Website


With all the competition out there in pretty much any market, one thing you can do to set your site apart is use high quality images. The problem comes when your just starting out and a bit low on cash, you can’t buy them. Most of the sites out there selling photo’s are pretty expensive. But until your making your millions online, you can use these free services to pretty up your pages.

Three Ways for Your Blog to Make You Money

Typically you want to know what you plan on the focus of your blog to be before you start it. But if you are like me and created one without any real plan its not to late to learn from this marketing lesson. The trick is to focus on something, anything, i.e. blog to build a list or blog to sell. But you have to pick a purpose.

How Often Should You Blog?

Blogging Is About Shaping Ideas I really would like to answer the question of how often should you blog right away, but I love telling stories so here we go!!! As many of you know I am involved¬† in several Facebook groups concerning the topic of marketing.¬† Whether it be marketing on pay per click, […]

The Inbound Marketing Process

Have you ever had that feeling when you talking to someone that they could have shortened the answer just a little bit? I have, and I have to admit I tend to be a really “Get to the point already” kind of guy. And during the years that I have been marketing online I have seen tons of video’s, blog posts, and products that really don’t do that. So with this post I wanted to break that trend and define inbound marketing and the process on how to apply it in the simplest terms possible. Trust me you’ll love it!

Pleasure Yourself And Others Through Writing

These days people are looking for the bad in everything. Just watch the news and you can see it everywhere and everyday. Breaking news Congressman is a cheat, Breaking news Wall street is stealing, Breaking News Oil companies gouging gas prices (ok that’s probably true). So when you write articles you need to keep that in mind.