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Two are free and one is free with a paid option.

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There are many different uses for your Twitter account and using its RSS feed in order to syndicate and boost your content for SEO purposes is just one of the many reasons to have an active account.

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“Without Visitors who are enticed to take action when presented with your offers, all you have is a hobby.” ~Andy Jenkins

“Podcasting From James Schramko and Ezra Firestone”
by James Schramko, Ezra Firestone

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Think, Act, Get
June 18, 2013

This podcast has actually been around for quite some time and unfortunately it seems to have lost its momentum as both the hosts are working different projects now.  However, ever now and then there is a new episode published and they tend to all be worth the wait.

podcasting ezra and james

This podcast is a great tutorial on the process of finding a partner to co-host a show with.  As well as some great tips on how to maintain a consistent theme of your shows to keep the listeners coming back.

Another great topic of the show is everything that goes into actually promoting your podcast all over the net in an effective way.

Like the Ben Settle Show’s podcast on “Podcast’s” this one at least gives you a great starting point when conducting the planning to get your show on the air quickly while learning from the issues others have been able to navigate at this point.

And if your not already considering running a show in the near future, listening to these two converse live at one of Schramko’s events should be enough to get at least to the starting point.

Here is the timeline of the show courtesy of the website.

In the Podcast:

00:53 – Pre-show preparations

05:20 – Why is podcasting the medium of the future?

06:11 – How TAG began

09:55 – Partner with a person with a different skill set

13:22 – James and Ezra’s partnership deal

17:41 – The TAG production process

22:01 – The ThinkActGet website

24:50 – Our promotion tactics

27:12 – New TAG logo on fan-made shirt

31:34 – The effective way to sell someone anything

34:38 – TAG’s success in terms of stats

47:44 – The real agenda of TAG

50:00 – About our products page

53:34 – The weekly Willpower Wager

58:36 – News and updates

01:04:00 – Listeners’ comments

01:13:15 – Think About It: Create your future

01:14:27 – Be attractive

01:15:51 – TAG tips

01:19:17 – Episode summary

01:22:01 – Q&A section

Other lessons learned

Speaking of the website.

You really need to check it out, as well as James’ other podcast websites, and model what they have created there.

They really are a pocket study guide to website and podcast integration success.

Video Version of the podcasting episode

“How to Run a Podcast Without Sounding Like a Horse’s Ass”
by Ben Settle

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Antipreneur | The Ben Settle Show
Sun, 23 November 2014

Today’s exciting new “Ben Settle Show” podcast is for people who want to start or how to run a podcast successfully.cute horses ass

We rap about:

* What a “governor” is… and how it can make or break your podcast. (Even if you have a ton of natural podcasting talent, if you don’t know this, you’re dead in the water.)

* Why you should make it a goal to hurt at least one person’s feelings in each podcast.

* How to give someone unsolicited advice without sounding like a douche bag.

* What never to say in your first podcast episode. (Doing this will make you sound like a rank amateur—how do I know? Because I made this mistake. But you won’t after listening to this episode.)

* The one thing the world’s most popular podcasts do that will put you head and shoulders over everyone else in your category. (Not 1 in 100 podcasters know this, but you can start doing this right away, as soon as you finish listening.)

* A secret way to use Audible to make your podcast quality far better than any of your competition’s.

* How to make sure you don’t sound like a complete horse’s ass on your podcast.

* How to use an ordinary bath towel to make your voice sound sexier.

* And lots more…

“Nightmares & Wet Dreams of Doing Copywriting Client Work”
by Ben Settle

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Antipreneur | The Ben Settle Show
Sun, 16 November 2014

Copywriting Client Work

This “Ben Settle Show” podcast contains a ton of advice for both freelance copywriters and their clients about copywriting client work, including:

* How to profit from sales letters that your clients never use.

* How to get clients to respect your time without saying a single world.

* Shackles clients put on copywriters without even realizing it. (If you’re a client who does this, you are basically castrating your sales, pissing off your copywriter, and almost guaranteeing you attract nothing but the bottom of the barrel talent.)

* Dumb reasons why even the best ads are never tested by clients.

* The real reason why so many truly talented copywriters can’t get work. (This is one of the main reasons the best copywriters are saying “to hell” with doing client work, and why a lot of clients will have to one day settle for nothing but mediocre talent.)

* A secret way to use an ordinary telephone to make sure your clients always respect your time.

* The #1 reason why all copywriters should take on clients… even if you hate their guts.

* The little talked about benefit to doing client work that can result in tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket you never would have gotten otherwise. (It’s worth doing client work for a while—even if the thought repulses you—just for this reason.)

* Why married freelance copywriters tend to be more stressed out and miserable than non-married freelance copywriters.

* The Avengers secret to making oodles of money as a copywriter without selling your soul to a client or stressing over running your own business.

* And a whole lot more on copywriting client work…

Where To Find Free Images For Commercial Use On My Website


With all the competition out there in pretty much any market, one thing you can do to set your site apart is use high quality images. The problem comes when your just starting out and a bit low on cash, you can’t buy them. Most of the sites out there selling photo’s are pretty expensive. But until your making your millions online, you can use these free services to pretty up your pages.

“The Top 10 Copywriting Resources On The Planet”
by Ben Settle

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On this episode of the “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and Ben talk about the top 10 copywriting books, courses, and resources.

They also reveal:

* The #1 most important thing Ben learned studying Gary Bencivenga—the man who is universally considered the world’s greatest living copywriter. (Nope, it’s not using proof, it’s something far more important…)

* The dumb question people ask Ben that guarantees he will unsubscribe them from his list, forbid them from buying any of his products, or give them any knowledge whatsoever.

* The “other” Matt Furey email course that had a ginormous impact on Ben’s writing.

* Why you shouldn’t hang out with other copywriters while writing your ads.

* How the late (great) copywriter Gene Schwartz gave himself an instant advantage over his competitors—even copywriters who were probably better than him.

* When long copy will work against you.

* What copywriters can learn from taking Viagra that can save them a lot of time writing their ads.

* Where to buy “Breakthrough Advertising” if you can’t find it on amazon or ebay.

* The most famous direct mail copywriter you’ve probably never heard of… and the big copywriting lesson Ben learned from him.

* How to get a “crash course” in direct marketing for $9.95.

* The non-copywriting resource that can teach you more about writing pithy and tight copy than any other book, course, or resource Ben has ever seen.

* How to make yourself impervious to any would-be copywriting client’s shenanigans, games, or bullshit. (Doing this almost guarantees clients treat you with respect, pay you what you’re worth, and don’t try to screw you over.)

* A friendly warning to clients who mistreat copywriters and can’t understand why nobody with talent wants to work for them.

* The copywriting seminar that saved my business.

* And a whole lot more

Subscribe to Ben’s podcast, you won’t regret it: